B2B purchasing

For B2B customers purchasing process is pretty much the same as for all others with couple of important differences:

  • during Checkout you must provide us your company data and Company's VAT ID.
  • terms of service and return policy might differ from those for personal purchases. In general, company does not have the same right to demand a return of purchased items during 14 days after receiving an order without special explanation and that we are obliged to conform with your request. 

Please, check our General terms and conditions and our return policies for details or contact us if you have any questions.

B2B webshop experience

For companies that are frequent buyers and/or have bigger orders, we can provide a B2B customer profile which presents adjusted VAT or discounts on items if such rules applied based on your:

  • VAT ID
  • location
  • special discounts we sometimes provide for B2B customers. 

 Feel free to contact us for any questions.