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Notebook Cover Back Side
School is Cool w/ FortniteCover.com
Notebook Cover Front Side

NoteBook Cover design "Solo" + Backpack

Below you can find more details about the final product and its usage


Examples Gallery

Below you can see examples of exported images that can be created with this product. 


Full size Example of exported image

Technical specs of Final images:

  • Size format / proportions: A3, A3-wide
  • File format: JPG ( A3 landscape "420mm x 297mm"; 4761 x 3369 px ) - (download example, 1.64MB)
  • File format: JPG ( "A3 wide" "450mm x 297mm"; 5100 x 3402 px ) - (download example, 1.74MB) 
    Usage: for BORDERLESS notebook covers. Print on SRA3 and remove surplus paper from each border
  • File format: PDF* ( A3 landscape "420mm x 297mm" ) - (download example, 6.56MB)

* Where available


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